Technology for phenylketonuria

Conducting blood tests has never been a simple matter for me. In Quebec, it is not possible to obtain phenylalanine levels weekly. At best, you can have a monthly follow-up that requires to travel to the clinic for a blood test, then wait several weeks to get a result. However, it would be so motivating … Lire la suite Technology for phenylketonuria

Back to CanPKU’s PKU Quebec Day

A few weeks ago, CanPKU members contacted me to participate as a speaker in the PKU Québec day, which was held on October 26th in Quebec City. I obviously accepted with eagerness... then, I began to think. What was I going to talk about? I am not a scientist, I do not test new products, … Lire la suite Back to CanPKU’s PKU Quebec Day

Retour sur la journée PCU Québec de CanPKU

Il y a quelques semaines, les membres de CanPKU m’ont contacté pour que je participe à la journée PCU Québec, qui se tenait le 26 octobre à Québec, en tant que conférencier. J’ai évidemment accepté avec empressement… puis, je me suis mis à réfléchir. De quoi allais-je bien parler? Je ne suis pas un scientifique, … Lire la suite Retour sur la journée PCU Québec de CanPKU