Back to CanPKU’s PKU Quebec Day

A few weeks ago, CanPKU members contacted me to participate as a speaker in the PKU Québec day, which was held on October 26th in Quebec City. I obviously accepted with eagerness... then, I began to think. What was I going to talk about? I am not a scientist, I do not test new products, … Lire la suite Back to CanPKU’s PKU Quebec Day

Phenylketonuria from a photographer’s perspective

I remember when I was young and I had to be stung on the finger for a blood sample. It was not particularly fun! It was probably the moment I dreaded the most when I had to go to the hospital. Indeed, as I have always been very sociable, it was always with pleasure that … Lire la suite Phenylketonuria from a photographer’s perspective

Pushing vegetarianism to the next level

We recently purchased a small machine that we are very proud of and happy to own. The OGarden Smart, the creation of a small Quebec company, has officially started in our kitchen! The process is very simple. After germinating sprouts for a few weeks in the compartment at the bottom of the machine, we were … Lire la suite Pushing vegetarianism to the next level

Let’s talk about phenylketonuria and bad mood

I was browsing on some Phenylketonuria Facebook groups, looking for inspiration, when I came across that question: what is the worst thing you've been told about phenylketonuria? I can tell you that all kinds of things came out, funny and less funny! But one answer in particular interested me. "Your phenylalanine levels must be high … Lire la suite Let’s talk about phenylketonuria and bad mood

The Importance of Diet for Life

This text was published in the magazine “News & Views | Issue 158” and is written by Suzanne Ford, RD (NSPKU) and Dr Ben Green, PhD., Medical Affairs Research Advisor (Nutricia). There are many helpline queries about diet for life – this article explains a little bit about what is now known about phenylalanine and … Lire la suite The Importance of Diet for Life

Emotions and phenylketonuria

You have probably heard the phrase "emotional eating". It is a well-known phenomenon of trying to reduce stress, anxiety, fear, and anger through food. Of course, this is a very bad habit because you lose all awareness of what you eat and it can eventually lead to health problems, especially when ingested foods are high … Lire la suite Emotions and phenylketonuria

Phenylcetonurie Quebec’s Priorities

I have always tended to take a lot of projects at once, to say yes almost to all ideas or offers, to keep busy until I reach a stage where I have to cut some stuff to try to relax a few days. I started Phenylcetonurie Quebec in order to share my experience of #phenylketonuria … Lire la suite Phenylcetonurie Quebec’s Priorities

The recipe for low protein poutine is here!

Say what you will, but poutine is delicious (I know, I've already tasted it...). We may have phenylketonuria, but we are living in a beautiful era. Several years ago, low-protein foods were very limited. It was therefore impossible to eat something that resembles poutine, without taking a solid dose of natural proteins, which is not … Lire la suite The recipe for low protein poutine is here!

Dating someone with phenylketonuria

A few days ago, I promised you not one article about Valentine's Day, but two! As today is the great day of love, it is with great pleasure that my girlfriend has agreed to give her opinion on phenylketonuria and our relationship. I met Tristan on a dating site. I contacted him first (yes, girls … Lire la suite Dating someone with phenylketonuria

Dating when you have phenylketonuria

The lovers' day is coming soon! It's time to find a valentine and spend beautiful romantic moments together. Obviously, when we are already in a relationship, we can go directly to romantic moments! I'm lucky to have met the woman of my life a while ago, but the upcoming Valentine's Day gave me the idea … Lire la suite Dating when you have phenylketonuria